If you’re a reader…you can say H12728966_10207270560420505_1633306477220083114_ni on Twitter or like my author fan page on Facebook. You can also email cori [at] corimccarthy.com, but please note that this is not my personal email, and it is checked sporadically. Please send all time sensitive requests to my publicist.

If you’re a bookseller, blogger, or reviewer…you can set up an event or interview by contacting my marketing coordinator,  alex.yeadon [at] sourcebooks.com 

If you’re a teacher or librarian…I love talking to students and offer free classroom Skype Q&As. I’m happy to talk with a few students or a whole class. I highly encourage students to ask me about my books, about writing, publishing, editing or surviving in the creative arts career field. To schedule a classroom Skype, please contact my marketing coordinator, Alex.Yeadon [at] Sourcebooks.com

Cori’s literary representation is Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency.

Cori’s film/TV rights representation is Jason Dravis of The Dravis Agency.


Are you writing any sequels to your books? As of right now, I am not planning any sequels. If you’d like one, send me a tweet and tag my publisher. We are open to persuasion.

What is the intended age range of your books? 14 to 114. Some of my young adult books contain non-graphic sexual content, swearing, and some violence. I advise parents to be aware of the tough to handle, real-world issues in The Color of Rain concerning abusive relationships, prostitution, and human trafficking.

Will you read my manuscript? You can hire me to read your manuscript and provide a critique via Yellow Bird Editors. I also provide monthly writing coaching.