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AWP 2016

Here’s a fantastic write-up on our panel at AWP about using screenwriting techniques in YA!

Unlikeable Girl Narrators

607gracelingMy post on Through the Tollbooth about the phenomenon that is “unlikeable girl narrators.”

Bring your boxing gloves.

Love is Love


This is my big brother in Latvia!

My post on my personal reasons for launching the Rainbow Boxes campaign!

“We all know that books teach understanding and empathy and uniqueness and validity. They show you someone else. They show you yourself. They prove that we all have things to learn, things to¬†unlearn, and most importantly, that we all have very unique reasons to love and be loved.”

Dear Teen Me

My Dear Teen Me post…about depression, anger, and Robin Williams.

Reasons My Son is Crying: Writing Edition

My post on Through the Tollbooth about jealousy and writing.

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