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AWP 2016

Here’s a fantastic write-up on our panel at AWP about using screenwriting techniques in YA!

Unlikeable Girl Narrators

607gracelingMy post on Through the Tollbooth about the phenomenon that is “unlikeable girl narrators.”

Bring your boxing gloves.

Reasons My Son is Crying: Writing Edition

My post on Through the Tollbooth about jealousy and writing.

Fast Draft Philosophy

My post on the fast draft/shitty first draft philosophy!

“I wrote the first 11k words back in December, and then I wrote the remaining 40k in twelve days.

Now hang on, and please don’t kill me. Rest assured that this is a Shitty First Draft. A skeleton draft. A NaNoWriMo deal. Or what I affectionately refer to as my “Falling Down the Stairs Draft.”

The Sex Talk

My post on writing sex in young adult fiction!

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