Rain Cover

Published by Running Press 2013

“Pacy and intense, bleak and edgy, a debut space thriller that asks big questions, by a strong new YA voice.” 

If there is one thing that seventeen-year-old Rain knows and knows well, it is survival. Caring for her little brother, Walker, who is “Touched,” and losing the rest of her family to the same disease, Rain has long had to fend for herself on the bleak, dangerous streets of Earth City. When she looks to the stars, Rain sees escape and the only possible cure for Walker. And when a darkly handsome and mysterious captain named Johnny offers her passage to the Edge, Rain immediately boards his spaceship. Her only price: her “willingness.”

The Void cloaks many secrets, and Rain quickly discovers that Johnny’s ship serves as host for an underground slave trade for the Touched . . . and a prostitution ring for Johnny’s girls. With hair as red as the bracelet that indicates her status on the ship, the feeling of being a marked target is not helpful in Rain’s quest to escape. Even worse, Rain is unsure if she will be able to pay the costs of love, family, hope, and self-preservation.

“[An] elegantly written and emotionally cathartic page-turner.”


“McCarthy’s poetic language glows throughout her descriptions of a desolate and melancholy universe.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“The Color of Rain was about embracing courage and the life-changing—no, world-changing—power of hope. But for all of its thematic intensity, it was McCarthy’s gripping writing style—which was simultaneously filled with vivid imagery and brutally blunt—that made this read so memorable. […] There are no sparkly vampires here, or friendly games of quidditch. Only a cast of flawed characters trying their best to survive in a fallen world. Deeply thought-provoking and more than a little disturbing, The Color of Rain peers into the darkness of human nature and asks its readers some hard questions—questions with no easy answers.”

–-Paul Goat Allen, “The Next Big Thing in YA Dystopia” the Barnes & Noble Blog

“McCarthy pulls no punches, exploring some of the most problematic romance tropes in YA with an analytical eye and a keen sense of humanity.”

–-The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“This well-written story is fast-paced, nerve-wracking, and disturbing all at the same time. Rain is a likeable character, and her plight so horrific that the reader is sure to root for her.”

–-Children’s Literature

The Color of Rain is available in trade paperback and e-reader formats.

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